TIP TOP Industrie helps to keep your plants running smoothly:
Conveyor Belt Technology

REMA TIP TOP products and technology help to extend the service life of conveying plants and keep production running smoothly.

REMA TIP TOP products are used :

for repair plus hot and cold endless splicing of conveyor belts
conveyor belt cleaning
as skirting material
for the lagging of drums
for the lagging of idlers

Applications in belt conveyors:

Conveyor Belt Technology

Conveyor Belt / South Africa

Installed correctly and in the right place, REMA TIP TOP high quality products are the solution to wear, corrosion, noise and caking problems on many parts of the conveyor. The general operating performance of the plant is improved considerably. The belt and the plant are protected. The service life and the profitability of the plant are increased.

Here you can see where REMA TIP TOP products are used in a conveyor.

Questionnaires for inquiries on wear protection linings, belt cleaning systems as well as
steelcord splicing kits are available here as pdf-file.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader, Version 3.0 or higher, is required to read the questionnaires.